Paul Malmont

One of the questions I get asked about having written about Jack London is whether or not anyone today has the balls to set off after adventure and then write about it honestly the way he did. 

Let me introduce you to George Mastras and his unbelievable novel, Fidali's Way.  George was a lawyer who left it all behind to answer the call of the wild and go exploring. He's no armchair adventurer - his wanderings took him to some of the world's most notorious danger zones in Pakistan and India. He's turned his adventures into a remarkable novel of a young American who gets himself into trouble of the worst kind. The cruelty and horrors he experiences is only offset by the kindness and hope of the people he encounters.

What makes it so worthy of Jack London is just how honest and unsparing it is. [Mastras] combines a reporter's eye with an artist's heart. If you want a glimpse into the world America has stumbled into then look no further.

Paul Malmont (best-selling author of "The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril" and "Jack London in Paradise")