Rocky Mountain News, January 22 (Review)

"Fidali's Way, by George Mastras... Grade: A

A young American searching for himself is backpacking through Central Asia when the Frenchwoman he has been traveling with is murdered. Nick Sunder is arrested and tortured by the Pakistani police, only to escape into the more lawless mountains of Kashmir. Here, Sunder meets up with smugglers, Kashmiri separatists and idealists and becomes a willing member in a circle of people trying to keep their small piece of the world safe during a horrible time to be Kashmiri.

Final word: Recent terror attacks in Mumbai have awakened worldwide awareness of the animosity between India and Pakistan.... [M]aybe it's helpful that a literate, insightful and suspenseful story brings a clearer understanding of a dirty little conflict, one with the potential to become very dangerous."

--Peter Mergendahl of the Rocky Mountain News